Imperial Decree 807

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IMPERIAL DECREE 807: A Commission for Thorgils Tarjeisson

Hear! Hear!

Insomuch it is Our Imperial Wish and Desire to have the story of Our Rise to the Golden Mango Throne properly expanded by a competent and talented individual for addition to the National Wiki of Shireroth, We do by this Our Imperial Instrument commission Our Imperial Poet Laureate Thorgils Tarjeisson to expand the aforesaid story. It shall be understood that there shall be no deadline or haste concerning this commission and the aforesaid Thorgils Tarjeisson shall therefore do the expansion of the aforesaid story at his leisure.


So Decreed in this Six Thousand Two Hundred and Thirteenth Year since the Founding of the Sector by the Hand Imperial of Hjalmar Heirðrson at the Kaiseral Court at Raynor's Keep.