Imperial Decree 797

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IMPERIAL DECREE 797: Kiaser David Northworthy Beckford

Hear! Hear!

Insomuch it is Our Imperial Wish and Desire to, after taking part in a laid-back conversation about the Days of Yore of the Lands of the Golden Mango Throne with some of the Ancients of Shireroth, to honour David Northworthy Beckford by reviving his ancient title of Kiwi Interim Administrative Special Executive Regent (Kiaser) and re-confer aforesaid age-old title upon him, We do by this Our Imperial Instrument revive the aforementioned ancient title and confer the state, degree, dignity, title, and honour of the same upon him.


So Decreed in this Six Thousand Two Hundred and Eighth Year since the Founding of the Sector by the Hand Imperial of Hjalmar Heirðrson at the Kaiseral Court at Raynor's Keep.