Imperial Decree 702

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Section 1. Definition

The Imperial Peerage consists of Peers of the Imperial Republic who derive their noble dignity from a grant, decree or letter patent (or similar) from the Kaiser.

Section 2. Ranks

The ranks are, from highest to lowest, Duke or Duchess, Marquess or Marchioness, Count or Countess, Viscount or Viscountess, and Baron or Baroness. In case of the the Count Palatine of Kezan, the title will be construed to be equal to Count, but remain different for traditional reasons.

Section 3. Precedence

Among peers of the same rank, the one holding the oldest title ranks higher.

Section 4. Succession

Succession to a title of Imperial Peerage is determined by the legislation creating the said Peerage, or by-laws by the Kaiser on that specific Peerage. In the event that there is no legislation governing succession to an imperial peerage, then, upon the death or removal of the holder of a title, the title will merge with the Crown.

Section 5. Barons

Titles of Baron or Baroness will only be bestowed upon individuals, or descendants of individuals, who have had previously held titles of nobility or peerage in their own right in Shireroth, and who on the date of creation have no citizenship in Shireroth. Should a Baron or Baroness become a Shirerithian citizen, his or her title will by such act be raised to Viscount or Viscountess. It is the hope that such title will help such individuals return to the Shirerithian fold.

Section 6. Courtesy titles

The spouses of Imperial Peers have the right to use the same title (as adapted to sex if necessary) as their spouses.

Section 7. Removal of holders

The Kaiser may at his own discretion remove a person from a title. If a person loses Shirerithian citizenship, he or she also loses her title of Peerage (but may be created a Baron or Baroness).

Done at the Keep the sixth day of Kuspor in the year sixteen-hundred and twenty-one.

Ayreon III


Amended by Imperial Decree 717 --- Kaiser Ayreon III