Imperial Decree 636

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IMPERIAL DECREE Nº 636: Pool of Genetic Successors


(1) the Mango Throne requests all imperial states (as well as the soon-to-be imperial state of Aryasht) to provide a minimum of twelve living female adult human citizens of a viable reproductive age, representing a proportional distribution of the various cultural, ethnic, and linguistic demographic groups present within that state.
(2) The offspring of these humans will provide a genetic pool for the Line of Octavius and House Octavius, delineated into branches as necessary.
(3) Said offspring will not be eligible for inheritance of names, titles, or distinctions of their imperial state of origin except for those names, titles, or distinctions assigned to their branch of House Octavius as designated by the Lord of House Octavius.

By my hand in Raynor's Keep in the Year of Our Sector Five-Thousand Two-Hundred Twenty One,