Imperial Decree 579

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TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Presents shall come, Her Niftiness the Kaiseress of Shireroth sends greeting!

LET IT BE KNOWN that we, Mira Raynora of the House of Rossheim-Maltenstein-Me'Jiliad, Kaiseress of Shireroth, Duchess of Lichbrook, Lichgravine of Overdolor, Countess of Caverden and Woodshire, Heir-General of the Line of Raynor, do by these Presents create, advance and prefer our loyal administrator Ari to the state, degree, style, dignity, title and honour of Count of Furniture;

AND BY THE AUTHORITY AFORESAID the said Ari and his lawful heirs shall successively have and hold the said County of Furniture as a non-territorial dignity with all the rights, privileges and precedence pertaining to a Count of Shireroth.

Given by us at Raynor’s Keep in the Year 4856 Ab Sectora Condita,