Imperial Decree 56

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Imperial Decree #56: National Holidays

Issued by Kaiseress Aure I

I hereby decree that Shireroth shall from now on have its own National Holidays’ Calendar. Each of the holidays will be celebrated as stated on the Calendar. Everyone is free to have their own additional parties on the holidays. Duchies and Baronies can have their local holidays added to the calendar if they wish. Working on a national holiday is from now on strictly prohibited. Missing a holiday celebration will result to a mild disapproval from the Kaiser(ess) and probably a verbal condemnation speech expressing that disapproval ;-)

We will have 8 holidays for now, to go with the 8 lines on our flag.

Heroes’ Day - 17th of February.

Origins of holiday: This holiday commemorates the the battle of Cimmeria – 17th of February 2003. Celebration: Military parade to honor of the Heroes occurs. The issuing of governmental and military awards to individuals who managed to distinguish themselves takes place.

National Ladies’ Day – 8th of March

Origins of holiday: The growing micronational minority deserves its own holiday! Celebration: Just be nice and creative, flowers and candy work miracles!

Foundation Day – 24th of April.

Origins of holiday: In memory of the foundation of Shireroth. Celebration: The whole of Shireroth attends to a massive party with lots of food, drinks, speeches, fireworks, balloons and foreign guests.

Day of Midsummer Madness – 8th of June

Origins of holiday: Quixy, the god of madness was born on this day and imposed this holiday Celebration: Crazy parties and silly games, anything goes so long as it’s insane and pleases Quixy.

La Fiesta de la B0O0/\/\ - 26th of July.

Origins of holiday: The original B0O0/\/\ist holiday. Celebration: All Shirerithians must attend to a speech by a prophet or priest(ess) in the B0O0/\/\ist temple. The B0O0/\/\ists then proceed to making everything go B0O0/\/\ and sacrificing oxen.

Adieu Day a.k.a. the Day of Forgiveness: 1st of September

Origins of holiday: The end of summer arrives as a new beginning. This holiday symbolizes moving on from the past. Celebration: All apologies are accepted on this day. Symbolic burial of the dead souls of Shireroth (i.e. the inactive people) under the supervision B0O0/\/\ist prophets and priests takes place.

Mango Day – 16th of November

Origins of holiday: To pay a tribute to the national Shirerithian fruit. Celebration: The Annual Mango Feast!

Day of Peace & Friendship: 19th of December

Origins of holiday: This day symbolizes Shireroth friendship and peace with other nations as well as compassion between the Shirerithians themselves. Celebration: Foreign guests attend a banquet in Shirekeep where they exchange olive branches and mangos as symbols of peace.