Imperial Decree 384

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Imperial Decree #384: Arbiter of the Imperial Judex, etc.

Dear Shirerithians, greetings.

With the departure of Bacchus this is truly a sad day. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his dedicated service to Shireroth in general and as Arbiter in particular. I know the reasons for his departure, and I hope that he will as soon as possible find his way back to us.

Before aknowledging Bacchus departure, I hereby induct him into the Order of the Dragon as a Member. Now, you may leave.

I also appoint Leo Dine to the position of Arbiter of the Imperial Judex. I hope that he will, after more job changes in a short while than most people manage in a year, find himself a home in the Judex and do a stellar job.

I finally award a Golden Swan to Erik Mortis for his work on the Commonwealth Bank and the activity it has created, not just in our fair nation but in others as well.

Signed by my hand this Hasanday, the Thirteenth of Biternionsmoon, 3632 ASC.

Love and Happiness,

Kaiseress Anandja I
Marchioness of Goldshire
Baroness of Lakhesis