Imperial Decree 382

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Imperial Decree #382: Imperial Inquisition, etc.

To all Shirerithians, greetings!

As you all know, Shireroth has never had an imperial police force. Matters of policing and public safety have always been a matter for the subdivisions. To combat the problem of criminality stretching across subdivisions, as well as supporting those divisions that have no or underfunded law enforcement, I hereby create the Imperial Inquisition.

1. The Imperial Inquisition is responsible for general law enforcement and prosecutions in the Imperial Republic.

2. The Imperial Inquisition has exclusive jurisdiction in the following cases:
a. Crimes committed in two or more Duchies;
b. Suspected violations of LB VIII, D, F and M;
c. Suspected violations of LB VIII, E, when the target is the Kaiser;
d. All crimes committed in the Imperial County; and
e. Any other case explicitly put under Imperial Inquisition jurisdiction by the Kaiser.

3. The Imperial Inquisition also has joint jurisdiction in the following cases:
a. When catching a person in the act of committing a crime; and
b. When requested to assist the local law enforcement officials of a subdivision.

5. The Imperial Inquisition is also charged with prosecuting cases before the Imperial Judex, when needed.

6. The Imperial Inquisition is headed by the First Imperial Inquisitor appointed by the Kaiser.

7. The First Imperial Inquisitor is charged with the fullfillment of the duties of the Imperial Inquisition, and reports directly to the Kaiser.
a. The First Imperial Inquisitor may be removed by a 2/3rds majority vote of the Landsraad.

8. The First Imperial Inquisitor is also charged with providing the Imperial Republic with interesting and nifty stories about the work of the ImIn.

I appoint Scott of Hyperborea First Imperial Inquisitor.

I also repeal Imperial Decree #379.

Signed by my hand this Semisaday, the Twenty-first of Ikolstyme, 3613 ASC.

Love and Happiness,

Kaiseress Anandja I
Marchioness of Goldshire
Baroness of Lakhesis