Imperial Decree 381

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Steward's Imperial Decree #381


Our beloved Kaiseress is beset by the troops of a rebel Brookshirian Count, who also has the audacity to assault Imperial Forces in Yardistan, and who has proclaimed himself in rebellion against the Throne.

By Order of the Steward and by the authority of the Kaiseress, all Imperial forces are to report to the MoMa for duty in putting down this rebellion.

All Fiefs of the Crown are requested to muster forces for the protection of Shireroth and of Her Niftyness.

Due to RL business that will not accept of further delay, all Executive Authority is hereby delegated to the MoMa pending the freedom of the Kaiseress or the return of the Steward.

Gods preserve the Kaiseress!

By my hand,
Jacobus Loki,
Steward of Shireroth