Imperial Decree 376

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Imperial Decree #376: Kaiser's Activity Award

To all Shirerithians, greetings!

I hereby create an award for activity, in three degrees, called the Swan (yes, the bird). The degrees are gold, silver and bronze. This award can be given to both individuals and subdivisions, but only once per month.

I also award the first Golden Swan ever to the Duchy of Elwynn.

I amend the following to the DecreeBook, Chapter V, B:
6. The Swan Award
a. The Swan Award is given to any Shirerithian individual or subdivision for a high level of activity that brings the whole of Shireroth forward. This activity can be cultural, political, in the military, or any other area.
b. The Swan is divided into three classes; Golden, Silver and Bronze.
c. The Swan Award may be given to the same individual or subdivision multiple times.
d. The individual that receives this award, or the ruler of the subdivision, may decide in what way to display this award in an appropriate manner.

Signed by my hand this Gaghday, the Twenty-fifth of Krondokin, 3588 ASC.

Love and Happiness,

Kaiseress Anandja I
Marchioness of Goldshire
Baroness of Lakhesis