Imperial Decree 374

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Imperial Decree #374: Status of Shirekeep & Skyla Islands

To all Shirerithians, greetings!

I hereby declare that Shirekeep and all surrounding lands shall from this day forward be known as the "Imperial County", ruled over by the Kaiser or Kaiseress as zir personal demesne. I also declare that the islands known as the "Skyla Islands" shall be attached to this Imperial County, and serve as the personal holiday resort and retreat for the Kaiser or Kaiseress. Access to the islands shall be restricted to persons with an express permission from the Kaiser or Kaiseress.

I also commission the construction of a summer palace to be located on the Isle of Skyla, as well as a temple to the Goddess Anandja on the Isle of Myn.

Signed by my hand this Semisaday, the Twenty-first of Krondokin, 3585 ASC.

Love and Happiness,

Kaiseress Anandja I
Marchioness of Goldshire
Baroness of Lakhesis