Imperial Decree 365

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Posted by Kaiseress Anandja I: Tue May 19, 2009 11:27 pm

Dear citizens of Shireroth, dear Nobles, dear Ministers, greetings!

I hereby appoint Jacobus our new Steward of Shireroth. I am convinced that he will perform his duties in a wonderful way when I am away, which will be seldom.

Our dearly beloved subject Leo Dine has served the Imperial Republic well and will be rewarded for his service. This is in no way a punishment or consequence for any of his actions as Steward. He did his best to protect Shireroth and the law, and should be commended for his work.

I also dismiss all members of the Imperial Advisory Council, and appoint the following:

  • Erik Mortis
  • Ari Rahikkala
  • Andreas the Wise
  • Scott of Hyperborea

May the Gods bless Shireroth!

Signed by my hand, this Homersday, the Tenth of Krondokin, 3574 ASC.

Love and Happiness,

Kaiseress Anandja I
Baroness of Lakhesis