Imperial Decree 363

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Posted by Steward Leo Dine: Mon May 04, 2009 6:36 pm

By the will of the Great Sheep and me,

I the Steward of Shireroth herby intend to respond to this belligerent and impertinent act of rebellion of the County of Mirioth, Amity, and So-Sara and the Count, Gman Russell's, declaration against my person.

All possible military forces available to Shireroth are herby conscripted to oppose any military threat that the County of Mirioth, Amity, and So-Sara may represent. Should Gman actually move against us it will be considered an act of civil war.

So it is written so it shall be.
By the hand of,

Leo Dine
Steward of Shireroth
Count of Wintergleam
Baron of Nordland
Sheep Whisperer