Imperial Decree 359

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Decreed by: Agni I

Official Text

I desire to amend the Imperial Charter to remove Article I: Section D, Clause f.

Quote: f. The Kaiser may not cede, in part or in whole, any component of Shireroth to another nation, nor relinquish authority over Shireroth to any foreign power, without Landsraad support.

I desire the support of the Praetor and the Arbiter on this matter. Scott himself pointed out the issues with this clause, and even at the time I began to see his point. My attempts to make it work as it stands appear to me now to have been a mistake and I desire to remove it all together. This clause did not create the protection I desired.

By my hand,

Kaiser Agni I, 95th Kaiser of Shireroth Baron of Dolor and Count of Monty Crisco