Imperial Decree 356

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Decreed by: Agni I

Official Text


Above is a link on the wiki of what the Charter will look like in the end. Major changes.

  • Format Change to make reference easier.
  • Added Arbiter to Amendment Process
  • Gender Neutral verbiage (thank you Ari)
  • Reorganized where things are for clarity
  • Added some helpful options for Praetor election
  • The Landsraad has to elect a new Praetor when ever it is called back into session.
  • Helped to clear up confusion about the role and powers of the Steward.
  • Add some protection for when the Kaiser/Steward is a member of the Landsraad.
  • Clarified the protections of the Landsraad from Kaiserial Interference in matter of Procedure.
  • The Kaiser can't cede the nation to other nations. (No Hasan I)
  • Various other small fixes I can't remember.

I await the Praetor's review and hopefully approval so I can put these changes into effect. There shouldn't be any surprises, this charter draft has been on display for about a month and got input from people.

Kaiser Agni I, 95th Kaiser of Shireroth Baron of Dolor and Count of Monty Crisco