Imperial Decree 334

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Imperial Decree 334 - Honor most Special Re: Erik Mortis Brookshire

Posted by Kaiser Loki III Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:30 am

It is often said that a prophet has little honor in his homeland. Fortunately, Kaisers get to Do Things, sometimes on a whim, sometimes on deep thought, or as a combination thereof.

There is one among us who embodies the very soul and being of Shireroth, which according to some legends, sprang forth from his forehead as Athena from the forehead of Zeus.

Therefore, We, Loki, Kaiser of Shireroth, being the Third of the Name, do hereby confer upon Erik Mortis Brookshire the Order of the Dragon.

We further declare that the Golden Mango Throne does now, and forever more declares that he may, at his discretion, use the Title of Founder, or such other rendition as he shall see fit to use. This shall confer no power beyond that of moral suasion, but that shall be listened to and acknowledged for his work upon and for the very existance of Shireroth.

Done this Fishday, being the 8th of H'Graasreign in the Year 3403 ASC.

Hail the Founder!


Loki III, Kaiser of Shireroth

"Shireroth sumus. Tempus in parte nostrum est."

The Awaited One, Bearer of the Sword

Traditional King of the Mala'anje

Prince of Hvalafell

Lord Protector of Yardistan

Vryheer of Maraguo