Imperial Decree 316

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Imperial Decree 316

Posted by Kaiser Loki III Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:19 pm

For the peace of mind of many in our Realm, the Kaiser hereby confirms the Decree 314 as previously issued by the Ruling Steward, to wit:

Quote: By my power, as granted by His Niftiness, Jacobus Loki the unnamed Kaiser, and the Landsraad,

1.) Imperial Decree #238 is hereby voided, reinstating Imperial Decrees #97 and #124, making all political parties within Shireroth illegal.

2.) Part 4 of Imperial Decree #286 is hereby voided, making all former Kaisers subject to law, just as the rest of us.

Let it be done as decreed, Corey Oroigawa Steward of Shireroth 3332ASC


Oroigawa Koreyasu

Steward of Shireroth

Minister of the Exterior

Count of McCallavre, Straylight

Baron Consort of Absentia, Yardistan

Count Consort of Eastern Absentia, Yardistan

Close quote.


Loki III, Kaiser of Shireroth

The Awaited One, Bearer of the Sword

Traditional King of the Mala'anje

Prince of Hvalafell

Vryheer of Maraguo