Imperial Decree 27

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Imperial Decree #27: New Landsraad, New Rules

Issued by:Kaiseress Viviantia I

The Landsraad is hereby reconviened.

The landsraad is now open to all Ruling noble to vote in.

But, to retain the status of the Dukes voting counts shall be altered.

A dukes vote is worth 1. So a Aye or Nay would be counted as 1 aye or Nay vote

Barons' and THanes' will count for only 1/2 so a aye or nay vote will count a 1/2 a aye or nay vote.

2 votes by a thane or baron equals 1 vote from a duke.

Signed by my hand,

Viviantia I,

Kaiseress of Shireroth.