Imperial Decree 245

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Imperial Decree #245

Issued by Kaiseress Carol I


The Imperial Republic of Shireroth, by an act of the Landsraad, has voted to restore the original feudal system within the realm. Therefore, let the following three (3) Duchies make up the totality of the realm, the City of Shirekeep excepted: The Duchy of Elwynn, under Duke Ric Lyon, aka Andelarion; The Duchy of Yardistan, under Duke Greg Russell, aka gmanrussell; and the Duchy of Kildare, under Duchess Hypatia Agnesi. The Dukes will each control ten (10) votes, and can distribute votes to their barons as they choose, retaining controlling power within their duchy. The City of Shirekeep is retained by the Kaiser(ess). The link to the Act and Map is at:

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So let it be established this 27th day of November of the year 2006 in the common dating.

By My Hand,

Her Niftiness, Carol, First of the Name, Kaiseress of Shireroth, Overlord of the Duchies of Kildare, Naudia’Diva, and Northold, Overlord of the Baronies of Elwynn and Vorpmadal, Thane of the Shirelands, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Wielder of the Sword of Vengeance, Countess of Shirekeep, Countess of North Novi Dalmacjia, Baroness of Lumina's Light, Sovereign of the Golden Mango Throne.



1. The Empire shall be organised into three duchies.

2. The Duchy of Elwynn shall include the counties and territories of Iseirdia-la-Vraulalennir, Eliria and Utasia, Illumination, Wintergleam, Lesser Zjandaria, Asantelian, Goldendown, Bjorngard, Holwinn, Syrelwynn, Ran, Elsenar, Upper Lunaris, Lower Lunaris, Musica, Hyperborea, and Vanaheim.

3. The Duchy of Yardistan shall include the counties and territories of Woodshire, Monty Crisco, Alexandretta, Crestfall Downs, Modan-Lach, Caverden, Shimmerspring, Highpass, Amarr, Thanatos, Lywind, the Khaz Modan, So-Sara, Mirioth, Amity, Florencia, the Isle of Benacia, Mar Sara, the Isle of Yardistan, and Naudia'Diva.

4. The Duchy of Kildare shall include the counties and territories of the Raynor Isles, Norfolk, New Jasonia, Lesser Attera, Schlangen, Gong Li, Old Hallucination, Blackrock, North and South Novi Dalmacija, Straylight, Kitanus Fields and Melangia.

5. Shirekeep shall remain an independent city under the Kaiseress.

6. The Kaiseress is empowered to change the boundaries, make-ups of the duchies, baronies and counties. SHe may also at her own command create new duchies.