Imperial Decree 244

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Imperial Decree #244

Issued by Kaiseress Carol I Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:15 am

The following nobles of Shireroth, by virtue of their service to this Nation, their loyalty, and their abilities, have hereby been placed upon the list of succession to the Throne:

Ari Rahikkala, Count of Straylight Greg Russell, Duke of Yardistan Davd Beckford (Conglacio), Count of Schlangen Ric Lyon (Andelarion), Duke of Elwynn H4773r 37fs0n, Baron of Vorpmadal Hypatia Agnesi, Duchess of Kildare

Greg Russell of Yardistan is hereby named Steward of Shireroth, and in the absence of

the Kaiseress, shall function in that position where necessary.