Imperial Decree 243

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Imperial Decree #243--Ministerial Appointments

Issued by Kaiseress Carol I Sat Aug 26, 2006 10:58 pm

Ari Rahikkala is hereby appointed to the position of Minister of the Interior. He has served Shireroth loyally and well in many capacities and is a computer expert, and willl, we are sure, perform superbly in that office.

Greg Russell is hereby appointed to the position of Minister of the Exterior. He has been a long-time micronationalist, has acquaintances in many nations, and will be the diplomatic representative of Shireroth to other micronations. He replaces Scott Alexander, who loyally and well served in this office. Due to real life duties, he has asked to be replaced as Minister of the Exterior.

By My Hand,

Her Niftiness, Carol, First of the Name, Kaiseress of Shireroth, Overlord of the Duchies of Kildare, Naudia’Diva, and Northold, Overlord of the Baronies of Elwynn and Vorpmadal, Thane of the Shirelands, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Wielder of the Sword of Vengeance, Countess of Shirekeep, Countess of North Novi Dalmacjia, Baroness of Lumina's Light, Sovereign of the Golden Mango Throne.