Imperial Decree 242

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Imperial Decree 242 -Back on the Rightful Throne

Issued by Kaiser Meskan II

- Kaiser Nicodemus I has illegally usurped power from the throne. All citizens of Shireroth who do not recongize Kaiser Meskan II as the rightful Kaiser shall be convicted of treason.

- All of the decrees decreed by Kaiser Nicodemus I are hereby revoked. For consistancy's sake and history's sake, they shall still count as decrees for the numbering order, even though all of the decrees were illegal.

- As the Nose Monkey of Shireroth, and the guy who convinced Baldwin to do this in the first place, Moose is hereby declared an honorary citizen as punishment; this will last for a week.

- Baldwin is hereby no longer Steward of Shireroth. He is also removed from his position of MINT.

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