Imperial Decree 22

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Imperial Decree #22: Nobility Rules Within The Landsraad

Issued by:Kaiseress Viviantia I

All ruling Nobles of the land may voice their oppinions within the Landsraad. Only Dukes may vote in the Landsraad.

Nobles consist of Citizens with the Noble titles of,





In some cases there appears to be two nobles from one area, such as the current case in the Barony of Schlangen. But in all cases only one of the nobles is the ruling noble. In the above case Baroness Sabriel is the "Ruleing Noble", and the baron is just under her. It is the Baroness that would allowed to speak in the landsraad and not the baron.


In the case were a Ruleing Noble is unable or unwilling to speak in the landsraad, said noble may elect to send an emissary in their stead to speak. The Prætor of Shireroth must be notifide by any ruleing noble in the case they choose to send an emissary to the Landsraad.

Signed by my hand.

Viviantia I,

Kaiseress of Shireroth.