Imperial Decree 19

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Imperial Decree #19: Religion In Shireroth

Issued by:Kaiseress Viviantia I

From this day forth:

The official religion of Shireroth is B0O0/\/\ism. In any event where prayer or religious trapings are used in Shireroth they shall be done to B0O0/\/\ist tradition. All official oaths shall be to the Gods of B0O0/\/\ism.

With this establishment of state religion, the need for protection of religious freedom becomes a requirment. Till now no official religion was set down, and thus it was presumed that all were free to worship as they chose. This shall continue, for now. All citizens of Shireroth, when not in an official state capacity, may, unobtrucively, pay homage to the god(s) that they worship. Or they may choose to worship no god at all. But when in an official state capacity they must obey the tenants of the B0O0/\/\ist religion.