Imperial Decree 134

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Steward Decree #134: Landsraad Veto over the Ministries

Issued By Steward Shyriath Bukolos

Due to the recent controversies over the relationship between the Landsraad and the Ministries, it is believed that a slight clarification of the situation is required, to prevent further squabbles.

From this point forward, the Landsraad may propose and pass legislation that will prohibit a Ministry from a specific practice or procedure in which it has already engaged. However, the Landsraad may not pre-emptively prohibit any procedure in which a Ministry has not already engaged.

In no event, of course, shall the decisions of the Landsraad on the Ministries go against the will of the Kaiser, and as always the Kaiser may veto any such decisions.

By the hand of


by the grace of the Kaiser

Steward of Shireroth.