Imperial Decree 128

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Imperial Decree #128: Brookshire Revisited.

Issued by Kaiser Raynor XI

Rakesh of Brookshire has fallen into disfavor with this Kaiser for creating a Bill of Rights for the Duchy of Brookshire, (which prompted the creation of 2 other bills of right) as well as various other activities. Rakesh of Brookshire shall be removed as Duke of Brookshire. The Barony of Alexandretta shall be reduced in status from a barony to a county within Brookshire for its rebellious and illegal behavior. Alexandra of Brookshire shall be reduced in status from Baroness to Countess of the County of Alexandretta. Shyriath of Brookshire is the stated heir to the Duchy of Brookshire, as such I hereby recognize him as Duke of Brookshire. Rakesh of Brookshire shall be given the title of Baron within Brookshire. As such he shall be landed by the Duke of Brookshire with adequite land to make up a Barony. Rakesh, Shyriath and Sabrial of Brookshire shall reside in this new Barony. The borders of this Barony shall be created to allow for this without the uprooting of these individuals. Rakesh as Baron may choose the name for his Barony with the approval of his Duke. Upon selection of a name the Minister of Interior shall create a new forum for the barony and archive the Barony of Alexandretta. In case of future rebellions of Barons against their lawful Duke without permision from said Duke, the Minister of Military Affairs and Minister of Interior shall be immediately called upon to render assistance to the besieged Duke. As I do not wish to create a all out ban on rights within Shireroth as of this date, I will not be penalizing the Dukes of Goldshire or Hyperborea for their Bills of Rights. Though these Dukes are warned that this may change at a future date but will proly be limited to the ordering of the removal of these Bills of Right. All Dukes of Shireroth, subordinate nobles and the Landsraad shall recognize Shyriath of Brookshire as the lawful and rightful Duke of Brookshire. This is my Word. This is your law.

Raynor XI,

Kaiser of Shireroth.