Imperial Decree 120

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Imperial Decree #120: Capital

Issued by Kaiser Los II

The town of Rohnert Park, California, is hereby named the meatspace capital of Shireroth.

This decree does not contradict but rather expands upon the status of Shirekeep as cyberspace capital. While Shirekeep may continue to be used as a capital on the Micronational Cartography Society map, in fictional accounts, and in any other capacity in which a cyberspace capital is needed, Rohnert Park shall be considered capital for more tangible functions of government. Such functions include the storage and exhibition of the Imperial Regalia, these being the Crown of Raynor and the Sword of Vengeance, insofar as such storage and exhibition is not inconsistent with the practical considerations of their ownership, and the safekeeping of the Imperial Treasury.

In no way does this decree decrease the status of any Shirerithians living outside Rohnert Park, nor is it intended to grant any additional rights to those Shirerithians residing within it.

This decree shall remain in effect until revoked or contradicted by a future Kaiserial decree, regardless of who is the Kaiser of Shireroth, or where the Kaiser of Shireroth physically resides.