Imperial Decree 109

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Imperial Decree #109: Official Position On Black Ops

Issued by Kaiser Los II

Recently, the Feianovans and others have questioned our policy on espionage and weaponry development. We hope that this document will bring out into the open our views on these issues and prevent any confusion or accusations of hypocrisy.


The government of Shireroth currently engages in small-scale espionage for primarily defensive reasons. It does not and will not engage in any activities to sabotage foreign countries from within or to attempt to use agents to alter foreign policies or threaten the smooth operations of foreign governments. Shireroth recognizes the right of foreign countries to engage in espionage, though it reserves the right to be understandably upset if it catches a foreign country engaging in espionage against itself or its allies. It does not recognize the right to engage in offensive espionage - that is, using agents to sabotage and direct foreign governments - and will be severely offended if it catches someone engaging in such. Shireroth is not currently researching forum destroying weapons or any weapons that violate micronational law. We have a small defensive arsenal of weaponry that has been obtained from other sources and which we feel no need to get rid of. We are in compliance with all Scheheradze Convention rules on such matters.

We hope this will assuage anyone who is still unclear on what our policy is.

By my hand.

Los II