Imperial Decree 1

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By Kaiser Gaelen II

Imperial Decree #1: Landsraad

Be it hereby decreed that the Landsraad, the legislative body of Shireroth, is from this moment forth reinstated.

All legislative power is vested in this body by me the Kaiser reserving the right to veto any bill, measure, act, statement or declaretion pasted by this body.

The Landsraad has traditionally consisted of the dukes of Shireroth and shall continue to be so.
From GoldShire, Duke Dstryker
From Elwynn, Duke Siskind
From Yardistan, Duke Lacara(who is presently exiled)
From Kildare, Duke Foley
For Brookshire, seat of the Emperor himself. Kaiser Gaelen II.

The Landsraad is also vested with the judiciary power of Shireroth only below the Kaiser himself.


Gaelen II

Kaiser of Shireroth