Imperial Decree 096

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Imperial Decree #96: Line of Succession

Issued by Kaiser Los II

If the Kaiserial throne is left vacant for any reason:

I. If the former Kaiser has appointed an heir, either by decree or by an unequivocal statement of intent, the throne passes to that heir. II. If the former Kaiser has not appointed an heir, the throne passes to the highest person on the Line of Succession, which is as follows:

Erik of Brookshire Nick of Yardistan Scott of Hyperborea Jadie of Goldshire Greg of Amity and Mirioth Joseph of Kildare A person on this list may accept the throne only if they are a full citizen of Shireroth. Upon receiving the throne, a person on this list must resign all other citizenships. If a person cannot be contacted within three days, is not a citizen, refuses the throne, or does not wish to resign other citizenships, the throne passes to the next person on the list.

III. If none of these people is able or willing to take the throne, the throne passes to the Steward, if there is one, subject to these same restrictions.

IV. If no one in the Line of Succession is able or willing to take the throne and the Steward either does not exist or is unable or unwilling to take the throne, then any citizen past their period of minorcy may take the throne if they can convince the nation to acknowledge their claim. A Landsraad vote is suggested as one possible way to define acknowledgement, although it is not legally necessary.

V. If there is no one in the nation willing to take the throne, the Landsraad shall immediately appoint a Steward if one does not previously exist, and the Landsraad and Steward shall govern until a Kaiser appears.

By my hand,

Los II