Imperial Decree 080

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Imperial Decree #80: Reestablishing Tri-Citizenship

Issued by Kaiser Mors III

No citizen of Shireroth may hold official allegiance to four or more nation while they are a citizen of Shireroth. Citizens of Shireroth are allowed only three national allegiances including Shireroth. When applying for citizenship, an individual must have two or less citizenship, else they will be denied citizenship. If a citizen comes into violation of these requirements he/she must remedy the situation within one Shirerothian week. (14 days). The Kaiser may shorten or extend this period.

The Landsraad may place further restriction upon citizenship as long as they do not counter the spirit or the word of this law. The Landsraad may abolish multi-citizenship within the empire entirely if it deems fit to do so.


Kaiser Mors III