Imperial Decree 077

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Imperial Decree #77: Line of Succession

Issued by Kaiser Mors III

This Decree Has Been Subsequently Revoked For the Majority of the history of the Kaisership of Shireroth. We have worked off a system of Succession. There was a line of Succession. When the throne was given up, or the Kaiser died, the throne would got to the first person on the Line of Succession, If they did not want it, or could not take it, it would go to the next person in the line, and so on. We stopped this for a time, and switched to a System refered to as the Heir System. This System stops now. From this point forth Shireroth is returning to the Line of Succession.

The Line of Succession.

Erik Mortis

Scott Siskind

Nick of Yardistan

Jadie of Goldshire

Greg Russell

Stone Jack0Bar


All Kaisers and Kaiseress' between Raynor and myself are Legitimate under Imperial Law.


Kaiser Mors III.