Horjin Combat Vehicle 35

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Horjin Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Horjin AFV images.png
Type: Multi-Role Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Place of origin: Shireroth

In service: 1635 AN
Used by: Imperial Forces
Goldshire Regulars
Bassarid Federation

Designed: 1635 AN
Manufacturer: ESB-Jörmungandr Group

Weight: 17.0 tonnes
Barrel length: Varies by type
Crew: 3 (1 Commander, 1 Gunner and 1 Driver) + up to 8 passengers (Varies by type)
Caliber: Varies by type
Rate of fire: Varies by type
Effective range: Varies by type
Maximum range:

Weight: 17.0 tonnes Length: 6.70 meters Width: 3.8 meters Height 2.5 meters Crew: 3 - 1 Commander, 1 Gunner and 1 Driver Passengers: Up to 8

The Horjin AFV is an 8x8 wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) comprised of five fighting platforms; Armoured Personnel Carrier, Reconnaissance Tank, Light Tank, Infantry Fighting Vehicle & the Electronic Warfare Vehicle. The wheeled Horjin AFV is for use when speed is paramount over the all-terrain mobility of tracked vehicles. And while the Horjin AFV is most certainly all-terrain and ultra-durable in any condition, it is still susceptible to all the conditions that any other wheeled vehicle is.

Countermeasure Systems - The Horjin AFV can be equipped with numerous anti-tank countermeasures. The Horjin AFV can also be equipped with the Seier Electro-Optical Projectile Disruption system (EOPD) and the Seier Early Warning Laser System (EWLS). A Seier Chaff Jamming Countermeasure System (CJCS) can also be installed to counter electronic threats. On the undercarriage of the tank an Anti-Mine Degaussing System (AMDS) can be installed to handle anti-tank mines on the ground.

EOPD - The Electro-Optical Projectile Disruption system is an anti-tank missile countermeasure. The EOPD is a radiation dazzler which causes IR, UV and heat seeking missiles to detonate early or lose their guidance path by overloading their sensors.

EWLS - The Early Warning Laser System is an optical laser receiver which alerts crew members when the tank is targeted or “painted” by a laser guidance system or rangefinder. The EWLS is directly tied into the EOPD to activate the EOPD so that the threat can be neutralized.

CJCS - The Chaff Jamming Countermeasure System uses a long rang broad frequency jamming system to disable electronic guidance and communication systems. The classified Mobile Unit Communication frequency is left unjammed.

AMDS - The Anti-Mine Degaussing System uses a large degaussing array to disable magnetic anti-tank land mines which might be planted on the ground. The sudden degaussing of the mines causes them to stop functioning either permanently or until the degaussing field as passed on (along with the tank itself).