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Haraldsborg, also known as the Imperial City of Haraldsborg, is the Capital of the High Realm of Stormark.

Nicknames of Haraldsborg

  1. The Thirteen Boroughs Royal
  2. The Swinging City
  3. The Jewel of the Heartland
  4. The Happy Capital
  5. The Queen of the High Realm
  6. Stormark's Largest Village
  7. The City Imperial
  8. The City of the Queens
  9. The Big Banana
  10. Big City
  11. The Cradle of the High Realm
  12. The City of Isles
  13. Empire City.

Royal Boroughs of Haraldsborg

  1. Heart of the City
  2. Oldtown
  3. The Holy Isles
  4. The Outlandish Quarters
  5. The Innlandish Quarters
  6. The Canals
  7. Queens' Quarters
  8. Falcon Quay
  9. Liberty of the Longships
  10. Queenswoods
  11. Jarl Harald's Town
  12. Vale of Indigo
  13. Home Hundreds

Sites of Interest

  • Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Gustav the Fugitive
  • Cathedral of the Return of the Mother
  • Haldarsvik Hall
  • Haraldsborgs Idrætsvøllur
  • Hôtel de Genève
  • Temple of Love
  • Temple of Motherhood
  • Temple of the Lakes, at Haraldsborg
  • Temple of Youth
  • Vanadísarhall