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Godgifusríða, also known as the Privilege of Godgifusríða is the legal and cultural term for a custom formerly practiced in the Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union which is known as the Kingdom of Amokolia.


The custom was introduced in the year 1632 by the present Princess of Anun, who is the Royal Governor of the Kingdom of Amokolia, Her Riverine Highness the Princess Fjǫrleif Llængjarla the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja to, allegedly, curry favour with the Amokolian population. It was however more probably an attempt to use financial incentives to propagate and normalise the Froyalanish customs of ritual nudity amongst sceptical and conservative Amokolians.

The custom ended, admit much rejoicing, with the expulsion of the Ettlingar Freyu following the Auspicious Occasion of 1651.


It is decreed by the aforesaid custom that whenever any Amokolian Lady subject makes of her free will, under the auspices of a Lady Commissioner appointed by the Princess of Anun, a naked horseback ride along the whole of the border which encompasses her Bailiwick of residence on the first day of the month Nomeziooqu, the inhabitants of such Bailiwick shall get a 39% discount on all taxes imposed by Bailiwick Law as well as Amokolian Law in the subsequent fiscal year.