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Dr Ernst Cryptsinger in 1606 at the height of the Coordinated State of Elwynn.

Doctor Ernst Cryptsinger, Medicinae Baccalaureus (Radchenko Corresponding Medical School, Lucerne, Ocia), Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (Royal & Imperial Kamalshahr Babak Kapav University, Raspur, Babkha), is an ex-Ocian who has been a resident of Elwynn and Goldshire since his recruitment by Steward Aurangzeb.

Summa Vitae

Ermure 16, Nomeziooqu, 1572: Birth in Ohrid, Koroska Oblast, Ocia. Cryptsinger was born as a son of an Orthodox priest in Lucerene who had eloped from his parish with a mixed race Atteran-Karnalian showgirl.
1590: Received his Maturita Abitur certification from the Gymnázium Kovac. Performed national service for two years serving in Ocian Defence Force.
1593: Sent to Raspur to study Babkhan medicine, particularly psycho-surgical procedures and theories of social reinforcement through stimuli based conditioning.
Eljere 11 Araroqpinu, 1597: Appointed physician to Prince Nathaniel.
Hyre 6 Elroqpinu, 1597: Appointed a director of the Leng Cabbage Company.
1602: Employed by Prince Deimos Jasonides to develop a quarantine procedure for screening refugees fleeing the Cabbage Crisis in Shirekeep and Alalehzamin and Utasia.
Reire 21 Oskaltequ, 1606: Appointed to the Court of Star Chamber as Associate Instructing Justice for Elwynn Proper.
Eljere 22 Kuspor, 1607: Issued the secret 'Pastoral Care Order' authorising the assassination of Charles Froughton.
1612-1634 exile: Established the Cryptsinger Clinic in Teldrin, secret custodian of Isabella Simrani-Kalirion.
Amnure 1 Gevrader, 1634: Appointed a director of the ESB Corporation.
Amnure 7 Nomeziooqu, 1639: Appointed Martial Law Administrator in Goldshire.
Elroqpinu, 1639: Exacted confessions from captured assayers using 'heightened and structured self-criticism' procedures that implicated the Leonid Guard in the assassination of the Princes Arn and Rostam Ayreon-Kalirion.
1639 - Developed and refined the psychological and behavioural conditioning techniques pioneered by Dr Tokaray al-Osman for use on the Jaysh al-Sathrati.