Divine census of Soloralism

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The Menelacari variant of Soloralism has a numerous number of gods. Soloralism's gods fall into two categories: chief gods and minor gods. Chief gods are gods that are in control of their plane, who directly controls the quintessences. Whether or not the quintessences created the gods, or the gods having created the quintessences, is another matter alltogether that is still not settled in the religion. Minor gods do not control the quintessences, and are considered to be subserviant to the major gods, focusing on a partiular piece of a quintessence, usually through a minute mixture of other quintessences.

Traditional Soloralism tend to focus purely on the major gods, while Menelmacari Soloralism tends to focus on the various minor gods.

Deities of the Plane of Valor (Pure Good)

  • Mithoran - Chief God - God of Good
  • Arolsea - Goddess of Love
  • Kellus - Goddess of Peace
  • Sloynetar - God of Healing
  • Bonitas - Goddess of Ethics

Deities of the Plane of Growth (Pure Life)

  • Tunare - Chief Goddess - Goddess of Nature
  • Ertun - God of the Earth
  • Aqualis - Goddess of Water
  • Galitheria - Goddess of the Winds
  • Tinayin - God of the Sun

Deities of the Plane of Shadows (Pure Evil)

  • Innoruuk - Chief God - God of Evil
  • Maldatikk - God of Decay
  • Atropos - Goddess of Shadows
  • Aglas - God of Fear
  • Gortal - Goddess of Pain

Deities of the Plane of Death (Pure Death)

  • Mandurlane - Chief God - God of War
  • Misnorr - God of Courage
  • Bersekk - God of Ferocity
  • Skeln - God of Armaments
  • Endeiva - Goddess of Hope

Deities of the Plane of Knowledge (Pure Knowledge)

  • Clistiro - Chief God - God of Knowledge
  • Intyale - God of Creativity and Imagination
  • Urizen - God of Intelligence
  • Nous - Goddess of Wisdom
  • Carding - God of The Arcane

Deities of the Plane of Chaos (Pure Chaos)

  • Bricun - Chief God - God of Chaos
  • Succib - Goddess of Temptation
  • Luc - God of Destruction
  • Erutirn - God of Entropy
  • Demutatio - God of Progress