Control of Destiny Series

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Control of Destiny Series, or CoD Series for short - a series of computer games created by micronationalist Harvey Steffke. The series in particular refers to the following games in sequential plot order:

  1. Control of Destiny 2
  2. Jasonia - The Light of Hope

The series is heavily based on micronations and partially based on Chrono Trigger. The concept of time, especially time travel and dimensional travel, is significant to the series as well. The series follows a pattern of more-significant opponents.

There are also related games that are not part of the official CoD Series, but are still related to the universe of the Control of Destiny Series:

  • Outpost

No game of the series was actually completed. The rest of the games were left as demos, or not released to the public microworld at all. However, the general plots of the games were still thought out and retain significance in the religion of Soloralism, as well as the cultures of the Flying Islands of Jasonia and Menelmacar.

The Control of Destiny series is also partially the basis for the religion of Soloralism and its more fundamental secular sister, Apolloism.