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Full Name: Bifrons
Alias Poltergeist of Drakland Manor


Physical Description

Gender: Male
Current Allegiance(s): The Demon-Goddess
Occupation: Demon-Lord of Lachmodan

Bifrons is the demon lured from Drakland Manor in Demonsfall and given dominion over all of Lachmodan. The demon has a unique disdain for undead, and switches corpses into other graves for fun.

Bifrons seeks a sibyl or bakis who will help him collect gems and wood specimens for use in his rituals. An artist or scientist (amateur or professional) would be an ideal companion for this demon. Over time, once he is convinced of your devotion, he will drop his monstrous form and appear to you as a handsome man.

If you would like to become Bifrons' sibyl or bakis, expect to have a full schedule as you work to de-lich one of the most densely liched regions of the former lichlands. Your work will be rewarded, as Lachmodan is the capital region of the Domain, and Bifrons has been stated to be the Demon-Goddess' favorite, and her favors will no doubt trickle down to you, her demon's devotee.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Bifrons, he will sear his name into your flesh, on a location you determine. You will be bound to him until the contract expires after 8 AN years. As the devotee of Bifrons, you will take on all administrative duties in Lochmodan, serving as Lady or Lord of Lachmodan.