Benacian Commonwealth

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In 2001, Shireroth entered into a union with Hyperborea and Machiavellia. This soon led to the merge that became the Hegemony of Alexandros and later Tymaria.

From the Apollo Fireball, April 12, 2001:

" Shireroth To Found Benacian Commonwealth

SHIREKEEP, SHIREROTH - As part of an insanely complex plan eventually resulting in the formation of the United Empire Confederation, Kaiser Metzler I recently announced the creation of the Benacian Commonwealth. The Commonwealth, which currently includes only Shireroth and Machiavellia, is a strong alliance in which members control their own domestic affairs but leave foreign policy to a central body. The Fireball was lucky enough to get an audience with the Kaiser to discuss the new plan:

AF: How complete are the plans for the Commonwealth so far? KMI: Not very. We still need to get the actual charter written... and that will require me to actually get my act together for an evening... or 20 minutes.. AF: What will the Commonwealth's foreign policy probably be like? KMI: As of this time, I have no clue. But probably similar to Shireroth's current one.. but.. a little more...peaceful... AF: Does the Commonwealth hope and expect to expand in the near future beyond the two original nations? KMI: Yes, We hope to encompass several more nations then the founding ones. AF: Anything special to distinguish to Commonwealth from all the other micronations and micronational organizations? KMI: Well...if I weren't so tired I would bust out with all the reasons.... But.. It will bring nations together in close unity and help to establish a strong presence in the microworld...

The Fireball will keep you updated on its formation."