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Aryeztur Mejorkhor is the ruler of Aryez and a prominent citizen of Antica. He was the second Speaker of the Commonwealth along with Oric, who was Co-Speaker. Under Mejorkhor's leadership, it has been claimed, a stagnant Antica began to revive.


His Imperial Majesty, Aryeztur Mejorkhor, Emperor of Aryez, is currently the King of Aryez. At various times, he has been a citizen of Antica (Dinarchy, Republic, Commonwealth), Lavalon, Natopia, and Babkha. It has been said that he devised one of the most unique microcultures ever.

Personal Life

Aryeztur was born in 1989 in Long Island, and is of Indian ancestry. He is currently a University student in Washington, D.C.. His primary major is International Affairs.

Micronational Life

Aryeztur joined the Dinarchy of Antica on Janurary 26, 2005. Since then, he has been a citizen of the Dinarchy, Republic, and Commonwealth of Antica. During the late-Dinarchical and Republican periods, he also founded an independent country, Aryez, which, at various times, was under the sovereignty of Lavalon, Natopia, and Babkha. Aryez is currently under the sovereignty of Antica.

Speaker of Commonwealth

It has been said that Antica was nearly stagnant when Aryeztur became Speaker. Newly-elected Speaker Aryeztur pledged to revive Antica and ordered a new constitutional convention. Although the convention ultimately failed in creating a new Constitution, it did revive activity and resulted in the generation of new ideas. During Aryeztur's Speakership, numerous new governmental bodies and entities came into being:

  • Provinces were created
  • The main forum was renamed Olorix Square
  • The Judicial Branch was created
  • The Academy was created
  • The military was created
  • The economic and cultural ministries were created
  • Activity increased and the Assembly passed numerous acts
  • The Speaker's Office became an important part of government
  • The Archon's powers were used and numerous changes were made in the forums
  • Foreign Affairs began, diplomacy was improved, and Antica began to sign treaties
  • Censuses were taken more frequently and population increased greatly

Antica has since continued to prosper. Numerous policies similar to Aryeztur's have been continued under Speaker Vasroe, under whom Antica has greatly expanded as well.

Aryez's Website

For more information on Aryeztur's creations, please visit Aryez's website:

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