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An Arandur (Elw: Steward or Custodian), also known as a Governor, is an official appointed by the Prince in the Council of Eliria who governs a County of the Republic of Elwynn.

Functions and Role in Government

Any Governor of a county is free to set up an autonomous government for the subdivision, provided always that such government must be in line with the Constitution of the Elwynnese Republic and the Laws made under the aforesaid constitutional document.

Aside from governing their assigned subdivision, a Governor may also be admitted to the Council of Eliria, the council of advisers of the Prince, as well as be admitted to the Sænate, which is the legislature of the Republic.


All Governors have a silver chain and a medallion issued to them by the Prince which denotes their standing as servants of the people, to be worn when attending the Senate as well as on other formal state occasions.