Amokolian Highlanders

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The Amokolian Highlanders is a name bestowed upon a number of regiments and brigades raised in the county of Amokolia for service in the Elwynnese Republican Guard.

Traditionally, Amokolian Highlanders cultivate a reputation of exceptional fierceness in combat and are often given romantic portrayals in popular media. This has been somewhat belied in the modern era by their use as 2nd line combat support services troops.

The reputation of the Amokolians rests largely upon the memory of their spirited defence of La Terre during the Amokolian War [1] which fought a besieging force of Imperial Volunteers and Elwynnbrigaden to a standstill and represented the only Ocian tactical victory of the war. The Amokolians eventually surrendered on honourable terms, a distinction not enjoyed by their Ocian counterparts on Keltia who suffered the indignity of an enforced peace.

The majority of highlanders are recruited from Vattnaland, usually from the Bailiwick of Petersburg and the hill communities under the shadow of Mt Brio.