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A less derogatory term for a double log-in. Sometimes called a papel, sock puppet, plastic soldier. Other terms exist.

In the Federal Republic of Cyberia, Alter Egos are given legal status. Accoding to Article I, Section 9,

In considerance of the paucity of population of the Federal Republic in particular and of Micronationry in general, a citizen may create alter egos for the purpose of filling the various offices and functions of the Federal Republic. These alter egos shall be treated in all cases and conditions as individuals and citizens. The citizens of the Federal Republic are on their most sacred honor to withdraw their alter egos from participation in government as the active and actual population becomes capable of exercising the proper functions of government. The Assembly shall be empowered to regulate this section by law.

The confidentiality of these citizens is secured by Article XX, Section 1-

The nature of this Republic and of the medium through which it persists being considered, any person who shall reveal real life information concerning any fellow citizen of this Republic without the consent of such individual shall be tried before the Chamber of Deputies; and if said person be found guilty by a majority vote, such person may be expelled from the Republic.

This has been said to be the greatest strength, and the greatest weakness of the Federal Republic of Cyberia.