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This imported article was originally posted at at 03/29/05.

Ari, the Minister of Education and Research and current heir to the Throne, has presented an idea intended to make the University a little less unpopular and empty than it has been. Noting that the traditional pattern of prospective teachers asking if anyone's interested in a given subject and waiting for students had failed to generate muc interest, the Minister proposed a new track:

"Instead of people deciding to teach about something out of the blue and just hoping that there will be interest in it, people will come to the university and *ask questions*. The questions should, of course, be about subjects that at least someone in Shireroth knows about. To achieve that, I'm trusting that we should just know what Shirithians know - we've been together in this nation for quite a lot of time already, you know.

"...In summary (provided for the sake of masking the bad presentation of this idea): People should come and ask questions (preferably on subjects that at least some people here know about), and those who want to answer the questions should provide their answers in the form of a coherent body of knowledge, suitable to be presented as a lecture in our university."

The idea has, to some extent, already been seized upon, with a discussion on the origins of micronations already ongoing.