Union of Apollo States

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According to Bill3000, as posted in August of 2005,

454 - The Union of Apollo States is formed from the various ashes of Apollonia.

492 - The UAS Riots occur.

498 - The UAS Rebellion occurs. The Union of Apollo States declines into anarchy.

503 - The Apollo Revolution occurs in the UAS and the FIoJ. Various terrorist attacks occur in both nations.

508 - With the FIoJ military deployed out of Jasonia, Yardistani armies come into Jasonia and start looting the nation.

509 - Shireroth lays claim to the island of Amity. Relations between the FIoJ and Shireroth become tense as the FIoJ-RS cold war begins.

513 - The former lands of the UAS is annexed into Shireroth as the new Duchy of Kildare. Around this time, the nation of Umoja collapses.

The original forum still exists, http://p088.ezboard.com/Union-of-Apollo-States/bapollorepublic