Ozymandias the Great

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Ozymandias the Great was a legendary (fictional) Kildarian Dutch during the chaotic collapse of the Union of Apollo States and the annexation of the Kildarian lands within Shireroth (498 ASC - 513 ASC). The details of Ozymandias' story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and his historical existence is debated and disputed by modern historians.

His life

It is known that Ozymandias was born in New Kajar in the year 470 ASC. He enjoyed a good life and had the luck to have been born as a son of a rich Soloralist cleric. Just like his father, he travelled a lot. And just like his father, he became a cleric and spread the word of the Gods through the Union of Apollo States.

In 494 ASC he arrived in Kitanus City, in that time a little village which was built by the Apollonian colonists in 486 ASC. He tried to spread the fate and was a big proponent for the UAS. In 498 ASC however, the UAS government fell in anarchy and revolts occurred even in the small colonies of Kitanus Fields.

To restore order, Ozymandias prayed for the help of the Gods. It was Lumina, protector of the Kildarian lands, who spoke to Ozymandias and demanded him to take up a weapon and lead the Kildarian people.

He succeeded in gathering a lot of support in Northern Kildare and he got crowned as Dutch of the Apollonian regions. His early death in 502 ASC made an end to his dreams to reunite the Apollonian lands. It would take until 513 ASC, when Kaiser Gaelen I of Shireroth interfered and after some negotiation annexed the lands, to unite Kildare.