Of Men and Micronationalism

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"Of Men and Micronationalism" is the title of Foghorn's novella. The novella is written in the third person, and combines fact and fiction into a seamless, engaging story.

Part the First

Written after reading Scott Alexander's "Unaimed Arrow", Foghorn (acting as the main character) chronicles his beginnings in Antica and Micronationalism, starting with one fateful gym class in New Rochelle. The part, 30-some-odd pages long, also includes his command of the Red Antillean Invasion, and Foghorn's persuit of a certain woman. The part was released in Antica a few days before it was released into the Micronational world. The work was recieved with much acclaim.

Part the Second

Part the Second begins with the Avalonian situation, and continues to outline the growing tension between Babkha and Antica, which culminates in an invasion of Babkha. Also included is the real life assasination of Delphi Augustus (which never really happened, but was fun to write), Foghorn being rejected by the afformentioned girl, and the ascention of Gemini-DC to Dinarch. The part ends with Foghorn and OCtavius Me dying a supposed death on a battleship, and Gemini declaring himself the sole dictator of Antica. =Part the Third= Part the third has yet to be written. However, it will include the Revolution against Gemini, and Foghorn finally getting some.