Lumina's Light

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Barony of Lumina's Light

The Flag of the Barony of Lumina's Light

Baron: Gareth Arthur
Date of Succession: 3791 ASC
Duchy: Duchy of Kildare
Counties: County of Nova Dalmajica, County of Blackrock, County of Kitanus Fields, County of New Jasonia, Grand-County of Greater Audentior
Capital: Port Nevermore, Nova Dalmajica

The Barony of Lumina's Light was a subdivision of the Duchy of Kildare. The Barony contained the Counties of Nova Dalmajica, Blackrock, Kitanus Fields, New Jasonia and the Grand-County of Greater Audentior.


Baronial Decree #006 made the County of Nova Dalmajica a title held ex officio by the Baron of Lumina's Light. The capital of Lumina's Light was moved to Port Nevermore, Nova Dalmajica in 3798 ASC by Baronial Decree #008.

The Counts of Blackrock and Kitanus Fields were removed by Barional Decree in a continuing reform of the Barony. On Homersday, 10 Vivantiana, 3799 ASC, Baronial Decree #009 was issued which appointed Maximilian of Schlangen to the office of Count of Blackrock. In addition, Maximilian was made the Regent of Kitanus Fields until a new Count was appointed.

After the Baronial Empire of Sermolot was dissolved, Lumina's Light absorbed the County of New Jasonia and the Grand-County of Greater Audentior.

List of the Barons of Lumina's Light

Name Reign Began Reign Ended
Jupiter, 1st Baron Lumina's Light 2417 ASC (Creation) 2454 ASC
Carol, 2nd Baroness Lumina's Light 2454 ASC 3783 ASC
Ruled By Regency Council 3783 ASC 3792 ASC
Gareth, 3rd Baron Lumina's Light 3791 ASC 3828 ASC

Map of Lumina's Light