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The first Laqi Phrasebook was compiled by Maksym Hadjimehmetov in 2007, and is still being added to. It is planned to have a full edition complete by late 2008, including most basic phrases and words needed for the visitor to the County of Modan-lach, where Laqi is spoken by the overwhelming majority of the populace there. For guides on how to pronounce these phrases, see the Laqi Alpabet

Greetings, Introductions and Civilities

  • Please : Maarxamat (Often abbreviated to Mьxamat)
  • Please Sit Down : Sidiš, Mьxamat
  • Thankyou : Rөnarjat
  • Excuse Me : Isvәntje
  • Don’t Mention It : Hurun Jok
  • Correct : Daunxa
  • Good Morning : Sorjan Ҳoršij
  • Good Afternoon : Paslisorjan Ҳoršij
  • Good Evening : Gulug Ҳoršij
  • Good Night : Nox Ҳoršij
  • Good Day : Arli Ҳoršij
  • Hello (Formal) : Sajnbajna
  • Hello (Informal) : Veki
  • Goodbye : Aҳor
  • Good : Ҳoršu
  • OK, Fine : Taman
  • Do You Understand? : Amalәjoruz la?
  • I don’t understand Amalәjoram Jok
  • I understand Amalәjoram
  • No Jok
  • Yes Xaa
  • Sorry Hajaren
  • No problem Prablijm Jok
  • Please wait a while Zxoruz, Mьxamat
  • How are you? Nog Sajnaa la?
  • Not bad Parun Jok
  • Well Ҳoršam
  • Where are you going? Kөta Varuz Nog la?
  • What are you doing? Kөta Diliž Nog la?
  • Peace be with you Nogiv Selaam
  • See you tomorrow Paslьarli Vidam
  • I wish you a good trip Sajn Javaaraj
  • See you again later Vidam Spažarži
  • You’ve been a great help Nog Burөl
  • What’s your name? Kax Nog Teŋbe la?
  • My name is Baradarun Teŋbelөr Baradarun
  • Mr Smith- Ҳojon Smith
  • Mrs Smith- Ҳataxa Smith
  • Mr/Mrs Smith (esteemed) Jelьxin Smith
  • Smith younger (as said to a child) Jәrxәn Smith